Life with 2 little girls…

Not at all where I thought my life would be!  With that said…I wouldn’t change a thing!! They are the best parts of Stas and me, the worst too!! They keep us on our toes something serious!

Alina is our beautifully brilliant bookworm!  She is Artistic and has a heart of gold! Alina loves God so much.  Her faith is strong and unwavering!  Her laugh and smile just light up our world! A magnetic personality would be an understatement for this little girl! She is truly something amazing!  I can not wait to see what she is going to bring to the world!

Angellica is our strong-willed wild child! ( from what I am learning most 2nd children are!)  She is quick on her feet, always with a sassy comeback on the tip of her tongue!  Her imagination is like nothing I have ever seen before.  I wouldn’t mind getting lost in her head for a few minutes.  Any more than that I might be lost forever!

They, for the most part, are best friends and love each other dearly.  then with any sisters, they have those time where they could do without for a little bit!  They love to be outside which I am thankful for.  We lived in a condo for a while and I told my husband we need a house, the girls need a yard!  He thought I was full of Bologna…..then he came around!



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