We live a pretty amazing life! Yesterday while at church I was thinking about our life and how God had blessed us and I could not stop crying! A few years ago we were stuggling to feed ourselves. Although we are not rich in funds or wealthy by any means, we are beyond rich in love and life.  I personally have grown and my walk with Jesus has grown leaps and bounds. I am so I love with the Lord and everything I see him doing around me!  Inam blessed with the most amazing husband who does all he can to make sure our family has everything we need. I am blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, not to mention the twins! ( You’ll hear all about them soon).  I see my family and friends being blessed by good things.  GOD is soooooooooo good, ALWAYS!  Even though things might seem rough, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Have faith!  I know many of our views on God and Religion differ, and that’s ok! I love all of you! I pray for all of you, even if you don’t know it yet, God Loves you! 


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