So it is my favorite time of the year!!!  I love the holiday season!

I have been scouring Pinterest for games and activities to do on Thanksgiving!  We didn’t have too many traditions growing up, except whose house we went to for what.  I want traditions for my children that they can carry on to their children and so forth!

What are some of your traditions?

Fun Facts about Thanksgiving!

  • The first Thanksgiving was 3 days long!
  • President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a National holiday over 200 years later!
  • Abe Lincoln decided Thanksgiving would be on the 4th Thursday of November, that changed briefly in 1939 for 2 years as a failed attempt to boost shopping during the great depression!
  • BenjaminFranklin wanted the national bird to be the turkey, not the Eagle!
  • A scared wild turkey can run up to 20MPH ( the ones we eat a far too fat for that!)


BEST HOLIDAY HACK!!  Elegant looking plates – you don’t have to wash!!

Plexware Plastic Plates, Silver Rim with Ridges, 25-7.5″ & 25-10.27″, 50 Piece


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