Philadelphia to Florida!

How did we end up in florida??  It’s simple!  We wanted to be closer to the equator!

Winter of 2009 My mother in law (then boyfriends mom) asked if we would join her on a trip to Port Charlotte Florida…..UM WHERE???  It is a small town on the gulf coast of Southwest Florida. Stas said we could go, and that she as going to convince us on moving there…..and IT WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! We came, we beached, we rang in the new year!

We went back up north and got snowed in twice the rest of that winter.  My boyfriend (at the time) worked tirelessly at the time to keep our walkway, driveway and sidewalk clean! One aweful day as he was headed out to work, a horrid snow bank grabbed his bumper would not let go! That was it the last straw! he came inside and told me we were moving!

Summer of 2010, we did just that!  We moved to Florida! We spent some time in Port Charlotte and then moved to our amazing little city Punta Gorda! Paradise on the Peace River! Always a festival, or something going on!   Best Halloweening I have ever seen! The Love and Adoration people have for this small city seriously rivals that of Stars Hallow! We absolutely LOVE it here!!  Come visit!

IF you would ever want to check out property check out….

Erin Catron & Company Real Estate

Visit Punta Gorda





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