HAPPY 2018!!!

Who is ready for an amazing year??? This girl for sure!  I have been reading peoples end of year posts / new year posts.  Some were awesome and full of love and light and others seemed to focus on the negative too much! Which brings me to perspective.  It’s all about perspective!  People who focus on the negative will, of course, have a bad year, month, week or day! Some of the people who really did have a rotten year, lost so many family members, jobs, children even, had some of the most positive posts! Those who just have a negative outlook on everything had the negative!

SO, to you negative Nancy… I challenge you! If you make it out of the year, month, week or day ALIVE…you are winning my friend!!  Celebrate that victory and not the situations or circumstances that dragged you down.  Let’s face it you are still alive to post and complain about it…YOU WON!!  Try to see the light, it’s always there.  you just have to be looking!

My prayer for all of us in 2018.

Let us focus on the things that truly matter, our spouses, our children, our families.  Things will happen, jobs will come and go, people will pass.  Let us live life in a positive light and celebrate the victories, rather than the defeats.  When we celebrate the defeats we let the enemy win! Allow us to let our lights shine, brighter than they ever have before!  Let our love spread to every single person we meet!  Let us GLORIFY Your Name Jesus because, without you, we are and have nothing!  It is in your holy name I that I pray for all of us.  Amen!


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