She’s Got Skills

Alexa is packing some serious skills!

I don’t know about you but I can’t live without my Alexa!  I use her multiple times a day, She is in the heart of my home (my kitchen).   As a busy mom of 2 very busy Little Girls,  Alexa definitely helps me keep my life in order! 

I just recently learned about all the skills Alexa has.  Well, I shouldn’t say ALL but I am now using quite a few!  Sadly the one I use more often than I like it the Phone Finder Skill.  I am constantly misplacing my phone!  

You can ask the weather, control your home smart devices.  

The Food & Drink skills available are a huge help to me!  

 <> MySomm –  MySomm turns Alexa into Wine Gal, your personal wine sommelier that can give you wine recommendations for your meals. With hundreds of recommendations, she can give you her thoughts on what wine to pair with your prime rib, or what wine goes with goat cheese.

<>What Beer?–  Looking for the perfect beer pairing for your dinner?? Just ask “What beer?” and let “What beer?” help you complete that perfect meal.

There are countless Recipe and Meal idea skills! 

You can even order pizza,  Coffee from Starbucks, Make reservations at restaurants ALL from ALEXA!!  It’s pretty incredible.

Alexa even has some great Skills for the little ones in your life! 

Games and trivia to engage and challenge their minds.  

<>Amazon Storytime   –  The Amazon Storytime skill offers a growing collection of professionally narrated short stories for kids ages 5 – 12. This collection contains curated stories from the Amazon Rapids app library as well as a selection of Audible short stories.

For Those of us who may need a little encouragement

<> Good Morning Beautiful –  Starting the day with a positive outlook can make the rest of your day that much better. Before you charge into the world or head off to a grueling day of work, take a few seconds for yourself. Wake up with Alexa reminding you of how beautiful you are.

There are various Shopping skills!

It seems that today in this world of Cybertechnology there isn’t much Alexa can’t do!

To access these and other great skills go to your Alexa app and click Skills!  See what Alexa can do for you!  

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Thank you to our friends a Gifting Whiz for giving me this opportunity!

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